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For business, email is a lifeline every bit as important as the phone, post or fax. It's a sales tool and therefore a source of revenue.

For home, it connects you with family and friends all over the world. Whether it's common interests, seeing if you got the winning bid on eBay or keeping in touch with friends in faraway places, email is a part of life.

We can provide a comprehensive email security package, that filters your email for spam, worms and viruses before it gets to your PC.

Virus Filter
No more worms, trojans or other nasties
Our powerful virus filters, supplied by Kaspersky offer full protection against email viruses. What's more our outbound (SMTP) delivery servers will scan your email for viruses as well. We update our detection capabilities every 15 minutes.

Spam Filter
Effective removal of junk and obscene emails
Make the daily flood of spam a thing of the past with our free spam filtering. Choose between a range of sensitivity settings and control how spam is handled. An online (or IMAP accessible) spam quarantine allows you to keep check on what is being caught. We can't promise to get every spam that comes through (and neither can anyone else, despite their claims), but you can expect to spam to become an occasional surprise rather than a daily menace.

White & Black Lists
Exact control over who can send to your mailbox
Got on a mailing list you can't get out of? Our blacklist can ensure that they can no longer get through. Likewise, whitelists ensure that an address is not subjected to our spam filters.


Aliases - You can have any number of aliases on your account. These are addresses that 'map' to a real mailbox. So, sales@ or info@ need not take up mailboxes. You can even have an alias delivered to more than one mailbox, creating mailing lists.

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