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Moving applications to the cloud

For most organisation moving applications to the cloud offers benefits in both scalability and availability. Having the ability to scale up as the demand increase allows for an agile infrastructure that responds to business need. Likewise with the built in high availability it removes the single points of failure that can impact your business.

Moving to the cloud also presents businesses with challenges, do you go for public cloud for maximum workforce mobility and ease of access or do you go private cloud for security or access to PSN services?

At TS Technologies we are supplier agnostic and are happy to guide you in the choices for cloud services and then assist you with getting your business systems running.

The flexibility of cloud services means you can apply agile infrastructure to agile development methodologies, increasing capacity in line with software functionality.

TS Technologies can provide programme and project managers, software developers and application testers and business analysts to transform your business into one that has the flexibility of the cloud.

If you are thinking of transforming your organisation to use cloud computing please contact us to see how TS Technologies can assist you in making the transition.

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